Friday, January 24, 2014

The Galactic Honest Bank and Trust Company will be located in Kiribati, and those that do not wish to work in the diamond coated Ethernet wire factory that is to be located there will get a $30,000 family stipend from the government of Kiribati as a member of the island family of God/dess Sabina.

Republic of Kiribati
Ribaberiki Kiribati
FlagCoat of arms
Motto: "Te Mauri, Te Raoi ao Te Tabomoa"
"Health, Peace and Prosperity"
Anthem: Teirake Kaini Kiribati
Stand up, Kiribati
and largest city
South Tarawa[1]
1°28′N 173°2′E
Official languages
Ethnic groups (2000)98.8% Micronesian
1.2% others[2]
GovernmentParliamentary republic
 - PresidentAnote Tong
 - Vice-PresidentTeima Onorio
LegislatureHouse of Assembly
 - from the United Kingdom12 July 1979 
 - Total811 km2 (186th)
313 sq mi
 - 2010 estimate103,500 (197th)
 - 2010 census103,500
 - Density135/km2 (73rd)
350/sq mi
GDP (PPP)2011 estimate
 - Total$599 million[3]
 - Per capita$5,721[3]
GDP (nominal)2011 estimate
 - Total$167 million[3]
 - Per capita$1,592[3]
HDI (2013)Increase 0.629
medium · 121st
CurrencyKiribati dollar
Australian dollar (AUD)
Time zone(UTC+12+13+14)
Drives on theleft
Calling code+686
ISO 3166 codeKI

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