Friday, January 31, 2014

And the wise Queen Goddess of Egypt offered to split up the two marriage birds for a time and asked Amun/Atum, what parts of the marriage bird did he want. He said that he wanted the North-West part of the marriage bird of heaven. The Queen Goddess said, "Atum/Amun, in 2000 years, I will ask you the same thing. "What parts of the marriage birds do you want." And Atum said, "I want all four parts: The Northwest; The Northeast; The Southwest; the South East." And the Goddess Queen told the Catholic Cardinal King and Atum, "Devil God of Hell and misfortune and torment to you and to those who have followed you into ill advise. You have went up to the top of the spiritual mountain to rescue a dark prince and prince and Queen of England-Egypt, and now you have lost your entire flock in the world. The Small Dog Star of Sirius in America barked at you, and you headed not the bark."

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