Friday, January 31, 2014

Isis can come down to you if are willing to put a sterling tax on the poor is spirit.


This spacecraft can hold 6 billion goddess sea thrones.

"I was not born of Devil woman, I was born of the 11 faggot god [Disney] spirit." Scripture of the Devil "I AM" New Testament Bible. The New Testament was just a fairy tale commercial for his 40 year Star Wars ministry into the time travel future, now. On February 1, 2014, the jig is up for the Lord Moon God/dess of Israel.

Holy Bitch Water, guaranteed to make you pregnant with a dead Jesus savior.

OMG, the fuck-wad King David Savior of the fuck-wad Sakhmet Roman era Jews.

Has anyone noticed that Jessica Alba is starting to look like Darth Vader's Jew wife, Natalie Portman. OMG, the cosmic fuck-wad mind of Jew David, King Herod Christ Savior of the Carrie Fisher concentration camp Jews.

To some gene types, Christianity does not make any sense at all. Here she is stuck in the Ab Feminine and Jesus is talking to the FBI director and to the CIA Director and the replicated Las Vegas magician in the White House.

Apparently, Death and Serial Killer Jesus, King David, is more complicated that the bubble gum snappers in the peanut gallery think. Two seasons, 15 episodes each, 42 minutes, each, and the show gets pulled for no apparent reason after two seasons. What kind of fuck-wad, piece of Jew shit god sends this series down the spiritual pipeline into Hollywood? In the January 31, 2014, resurrection, did they survive the final cut? Or will Jesus Hollywood get bold and resurrect them tomorrow, 21|14. Dead Like J. Edgar Hoover, or Dead like Eve Carson?

The wi-fi at the Los Angeles public library was off today, and the two-hour session on their public computers timed out at 25 minutes. I am sure that the museum collection at Hearst's Castle had nothing to do with this seeming, criminal enterprise situation, so I a sure that the California government wouldn't mind if we hold their prince ransom collection hostage until the true amount of damages can be collected from the beaches of the county and the state.

The seven bands of heaven did not support the 11 magician position to go to war and their prince went to heaven, while a magician prince went down to be the hanged Emperor who lost the war.

Is it a reasonalble assumption that J.Edgar Hoover was a celebrate homosexual and obtained the Rube right to tell the CIA and the FBI from his 33 degree Masonic Lodge Temple in Heaven which persons that the Pope and Jesus Christ wanted to reap on January 31, 2014, in Israel and North Carolina?

The weight of past sea water is 75%.

The Quetzl Spiritual Party of Brazil has gone with Neptune. Good Choice.

Order and Progress: Neptune or Rigel?

The Unofficial Spiritual Flag of the 2012-1016-2020 World Olympics.

And the wise Queen Goddess of Egypt offered to split up the two marriage birds for a time and asked Amun/Atum, what parts of the marriage bird did he want. He said that he wanted the North-West part of the marriage bird of heaven. The Queen Goddess said, "Atum/Amun, in 2000 years, I will ask you the same thing. "What parts of the marriage birds do you want." And Atum said, "I want all four parts: The Northwest; The Northeast; The Southwest; the South East." And the Goddess Queen told the Catholic Cardinal King and Atum, "Devil God of Hell and misfortune and torment to you and to those who have followed you into ill advise. You have went up to the top of the spiritual mountain to rescue a dark prince and prince and Queen of England-Egypt, and now you have lost your entire flock in the world. The Small Dog Star of Sirius in America barked at you, and you headed not the bark."

7072: Have you accepted Justin Beiber as your heavenly adviser and marriage counselor against the Ramses II Crown of Denmark?

Playboy is preaching the new age gospel, but is s/he listening in Beiber heaven?

Nashville Jesus stars usually have an attachment to the Witch Disney Star in the anti-progressive rotation under Darth Vader Moon Rule.

The marriage brain Temple is a confluence of aesthetic proportions.

Saraswati and Vimala: When the Buddha obtains pure enlightenment, he will discover that his wife and son are both greater in the heavens than himself.

The Red Dots denotes points of confluence in the Shangra Yangra River Valley.

Sugarbee and myself are not really 8,000 meter climbers and stick to the safe elevations in the time travel, however, we are happy as hell to let the 5 vizier lord gods of Israel and their lord magician son, Lord Aleister Crowley, climb the fourteen 8,000 meters peaks in the world with their 25% slide ruler calculator.

The Gospel of Mount Everest.

Aquarius: The mother bugger and the baby bugger constellation. The mother has 5 Star Legs, 2 stars for a body, 4 for her head, and 1 for a brain. Head and body stars [55] are 10. The are of the mother is made up of 3 stars, a trinity, 333 because we do not know the sex of the child. [102] represents a male, female trinity, 0 being god/dess, a neutral theological position, if you exclude the bugger Jews, Christians, and the bugger goddess Islamic sects. The baby and the buggy have 12 stars. If the world had the Nepal world faith of brother and sisterhood, this Aquarius gospel of Mount Everest would have hit the stars 1003 years ago. Don't seek the truth, and the non-truth can get you killed or buggered in outer Neptune space.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A lioness head with the body of a dragon over a Sultan Sword of Islam: In Islam-Dragon-Lion-CH we trust, others pay a Confucius Death Tax

Crown of Finland:  The Sword is in the hand of Byblos. The Gold Dawn Joint is Israel. The lower arm part is the XYZ Church of Empress Constantine.  The Lioness is the Goddess Lion of the Egyptian Nile.  The Red and the Blue Stand for Russia-America.

Honeybee, take a look at this Taiwanese picture. The English Queen of Jack Hearts and Spain are fixing to merge with the Jerusalem Borg Jesus. Tell your mother that she needs to invade their Rat House. Goddess save the bees.

Honeybee, you would not believe the number of de-railer train track switches the CIA and FBI have placed on the tracks in America. Oceans 11 said that there are 205. Tell your mother that she needs to pour a mountain top of sand on the National Cathedral in Washington, DC., to wake their monkey god pentagon up.

At the CIA World Baboon 22 Headquarters in Virginia, there are 20 underground floors: 3 are resident evil. The clock is racing towards doomsday; Rhesus and Oceans 11 and Mother can take it out with a neutron blast.

Barbara Palvin

Honeybee, I think that your mother has perfected her breast resilience formula, take a look at this reconstruction film. You can kiss the bra industry goodbye if this formula got into the wrong hands.

Honeybee, I think that Jesus has raised the bar up against your mother and us; does 1/44*1000 mean anything to you? Maybe Aleister Crowley has taken a new look at his Jew God Cards.

Honeybee, this daughter wants it a little higher on the shelf. Why don't you ask your mother for a polite Shinto favor. You know that I have been nice to her for more than 50 percent of our marriage. Yes, dear, but she wants obedience, not respect. I'll see what I can do.

Honeybee, I couldn't do anything with the other Monet; the paint that he used was a cheap as holy water perfume. That o/k honey, you are doing as best as you can with cheap museum art junk.

Sugarbee, what do you think of my Monet, a mixed image of concrete contrast. I whipped it up just for you. It is lovely dear, why don't you hang it over the Garbage Band sink.

PAIN: For being the Pope of the Universe with a disciple of one, himself.

And you thought that this college jerk off movie was funny, just want to see Mel Gibson in PAIN.

The pinhead, psychopathic Quark Jesus resurrection doesn't hurt the minute you get into it, when it goes off 10 seconds later, and then 20 seconds later for one second each sine wave cycle, an eternity of pain and suffering makes the choice of peaceful suicide a godsend.

What is the name of the Quark Jesus photographer behind this slanderous head pin up on these two non-taking Jerusalem models.

What is with these raccoon eyes. You need to go out and buy some platinum eye shade and blind Quark Jesus with your soul.

Sugarbee, let us call our first kitty Goldmember and save the Carrie Fisher World from another genetic Jew Holocaust disaster

Sugarbee, just think how much we could save the daughter republic in Brazilian wax if it was built into their genetic structure.

Sugarbee, do you think that this picture is contributing to global playgirl warming.